Tanzanian Project

Madaba – (OML 100%)

The project areas were previously explored for uranium by the German company Uranerzbergbau GmbH (UEB) between 1978 and 1982. UEB was attracted to the region following a Tanzanian government initiative whereby a country wide airborne radiometric, magnetic, and EM survey was flown on a 1km line spacing by Geosurvey International Ltd between 1976 and 1979.

Historical Drilling at Madaba

Recent access to additional information has revealed the location of an additional 42 rotary percussion holes at Madaba bringing the total drilling to; diamond core (10 holes), rotary mud (13) and rotary percussion (103). The best down-hole intercepts reported by UEB and previously listed were;

  • ‍3m @1082 ppm U3O8
  • ‍7m @ 693 ppm U3O8
  • ‍7m @ 510 ppm eU3O8
  • ‍11.7m @ 400 ppm eU3O8
  • ‍2m @ 1900 ppm U3O8
  • ‍7m @ 890 ppm U3O8
  • ‍15 m @ 420 ppm eU3O8

Note; U3O8 refers to chemical assays and eU3O8 refers to equivalent assays derived from gamma logs.

Fifty-six holes from a total of 126 holes were mineralized at better than 1m at 150 ppm U3O8. The UEB drilling is widely spaced and largely reconnaissance drilling and there has not been sufficient drilling to define a resource.