Tanzanian Project

Manyoni – (OML 100%)

Uranium mineralization occurs as near surface secondary enrichment of unconsolidated Mbuga clay sediments and underlying saprolite material. The projectlocated in the central area of Tanzania approximately 70km north west of the national capital Dodoma. 

Manyoni Geologyis dominated by outcropping granite and granitic gneisses, which are locally intruded by uranium bearing pegmatites. Tertiary to Recent rift faulting has resulted in the development of playa lakes, locally known as Mbuga in topographic lows. The playa lake sedimentary sequence consists of the black to grey organic rich clays designated as "Mbuga Clays" underlain by variably weathered granitic saprolite underlies the sedimentary sequence, in drill samples can be difficult to distinguish from the sand and sandy sequences above it.

The resources in Manyoni was defined by URANEX in 2010 at 28Mlbs@143ppm